National Qualifying Meeting (NQM) 

These are BMX Meetings that riders must complete, as a set requirement to be able to attend the Nationals.

Riders must meet this requirement for each type of bike they wish to ride at Nationals, within the calendar year prior to the BMXNZ Nationals event you wish to attend.

What is an NQM

An NQM is a National Qualifying Meeting. Meaning that a race meeting has been sanctioned by BMXNZ as a meeting where the rider can compete to take a step in Qualifying for the National Championships. Each completed NQM meeting is one NQM. Riders need a MINIMUM of four(4) NQMs per bike type to qualify for Nationals.

Please note the four NQMs are a minimum. BMXNZ recommends that you gain as many NQMs every year, so that the events and sport has a high level of participation leading to good racing.

The NQM window is the calendar year Jan-Dec. So there is lots of opportunity to attend NQM events.

If there is Cancelled or Postponed Events in the calendar year-

If a rider has been unable to obtain their minimum 4 NQM points due to not being able to attend the NQM race event due to cancellation or postponement.

  • Postponed event if you are unable to attend the new event date & have NOT requested an entry fee refund then you MUST apply for NQM dispensation as per the standard process when applications late in the year TBA.
  • Cancelled event (as per above, same process as postponed event)

The online application form has an option to indicate the reason eg postponed or cancelled event which the officiating panel will look at this favourably as you had made the attempt to get the NQM and for reasons out of your control haven’t received the NQM point.

Checking your NQM progress

If you forget what events you have done or how many NQMs you have, check them out on the link button below.

Note: the NQM points data shows a rider in the class they rode at the specific event, it does NOT combine these records into one place, a rider maybe listed in more than one place.

NQM Dispensation Process

NQMs missed due to a genuine reason such as an injury can be made up by applying for an NQM dispensation. These dispensation applications need to include reasoning why the NQM was missed, why the application should be accepted and detail the riders involvement in the sport during the season. Please ensure you provide full details so the officiating team can make an informative decision.

Each NQM dispensation may include a fee which will be charged if the dispensation is accepted.  Please note, this is not a “buy an NQM” process.

Offshore based riders with New Zealand citizenship may attend Nationals only if they apply through the NQM Dispensation process & are accepted by the Officiating Team.