Membership & Licensing

Each club will offer membership to their club, part of this membership includes a race licence with BMXNZ. This race licence allows you to race ongoing at the club and throughout New Zealand after your first few try's of the sport.

There are different types of licencing and your club will explain it all to you, as your Club will be the key point of information for everything BMX.

The Membership cost varies from club to club and depends on what they offer their members.

Talk to your local Club to find out what is best for you and sign up.

Registration System and Process​​​​​​​

BMXNZ does not take registrations or membership directly. All riders wishing to participate in the sport will need to register with a Club. With 32 Clubs nationwide there is a Club somewhere for you.

By using their customised Sporty registration form, you are linked as a member to your club and licenced to BMXNZ. The information is ready in real time and the aim is to have you set up for racing quicker than previously delivered.

If you cannot access your club form, you can find them all here.  Just remember to sign up to the club you want, with their specific form.

Members and Club Info

MEMBERS:  Once you are registered (licenced), a confirmation email is sent to the registrant when they register against an online form.

The registrant is able to update their details, including transponder & plate numbers by completing the ' members update details' online form.  Note: this does not update details for events already entered.


The official BMXNZ licensing form is now available online for your club.

For a list of all the club forms please click here.